Finding Your Home’s True Value - Where to Start?

Buying a home is an investment, and having a clear and accurate picture of how much your investment is worth is always sound financial advice. In fact, knowing the value of your home is not only useful if you’re planning to sell in the next year or so. Even if you think you’ve found your forever home, you still need to protect your investment. A free home value assessment can give you the answers you’re looking for, but simply turning to online real estate websites for their best estimates may leave you with an inaccurate idea of how much your house is really worth.

Online Home Value Estimates Are Inaccurate

If you’ve ever searched your home’s address online, you’ve probably come across value estimates for your property or offers for free, instant value assessments from, often well-known, real estate websites. Unfortunately, these numbers are not always accurate. To determine your home’s worth, online home value estimates look at how much houses in your area have recently sold for and the average of those figures is the number you’ll be given. If every home in a neighborhood had the exact same floorplan and features — not to mention sold with the same agent — this valuation method might prove effective. But not all homes are created equal, and even properties next door to one another may feature completely different layouts a well as varying levels of updates and improvements done by the current owners. As a homeowner, that means if your house has more square footage than most others in your immediate area, or if you have done extensive renovations around your property, an online estimate may undervalue your house. Equally, if your home is surrounded by larger properties, your estimate could be much higher than your home’s actual value. In either case, an inaccurate valuation can lead to setting the wrong selling price, not knowing how much equity you’re truly built over the years, or simply giving you a misguided picture of your investment’s worth.

Get Personalized Attention from Local Real Estate Expert

When you request a free home value consultation on our site, you’ll be connected to a  Local  expert to conduct your valuation. That means you’ll work one-on-one with a real estate professional with experience providing in-depth, personalized value assessments. As Local Experts, we work in your specific real estate market, ensuring you receive the most accurate, geographically relevant, and up-to-date information on your home’s current value.

Custom Valuation of Your Home’s Specific Features

To find out how much your space is really worth, you’ll need a custom valuation that takes every unique feature into account. Your Local Expert will work with you to uncover every piece in your home value puzzle, from your floor plan to any renovations you’ve completed. Only this information can give you a complete picture of what your home would sell for if you were to put it on the market today.

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